Donovan James

thirty four years of kittens & existential crises.

Donovan James is an artist, philosopher, writer and cat enthusiast who lives in Portland, OR. He's still an idealist, trying to grow beyond the refuge of cynicism that the soul offers as a reprieve from the sorrows of the world.  He believes that the money and effort allocated to war and fear should be used to feed, shelter, and educate the poor, no human being excluded. His work has appeared in over fifteen publications, including Vox Poetica, The Chaffey Review, Commonline Journal, and Curious Apes.  He’s also the author of the poetry collection “Saudade.”



Published in Vox Poetica

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Dating Without Alcohol | Published in Opiate Press

The Inequality of Affection

Published in Commonline Journal


Gemstones | Published in Coldnoon Magazine


Published in Curious Apes